B-spec can produce custom built rollcages to suit your budget and safety needs.

Minimum Motorsport New Zealand Homologation requirement for a full
cage is a six point contact cage with one diagonal.

To improve chassis rigidity, side impact and roll protection the following options
are available to customers:
- Side protection bars in the door, usually as an X design.
- 2, 3 or 4 diagonal bars in the rear stays and or in the main hoop.
- Dash bar.
- Rollcage attachment to the front strut towers.
- Diagonal helper bars at major structure points.
- "A" pillar gussets (up the front window).
- Roof diagonal.

Please bear in mind the more bars that are added will increase weight by 2.2kg / metre.

All rollcages are supplied to the customer with a completed MSNZ Roll Protection
Homologation Application Form, complete with photos.

Some examples of B-spec rollcage construction: